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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rose by Vanessa Jean

gold pyramid shoes
rose vanessa jean
vanessa jean shoes
The Simmons family is busy.  Head guy Russell Simmons has an empire of music and fashion, ex-wife Kimora has her own fashion projects.  The family has a reality show, and now Vanessa Jean Simmons has a swimwear collection called Rose.

The Rose by Vanessa Jean presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami was a clusterf**k to attend.  Like any fashion event where hip hop gets mixed in, every wannabe, family stalker and freeloader somehow thought they were entitled to be the front of the line.

Thankfully, smarter heads at IMG got the media and photographers, who actually had a professional reason to be there to ascend to the presentation first and get some photos.   The small collection was clearly made to be one-offs.  Fashions that were "custom" meaning they would never be put into production or have further business purposes beyond the person they were made for,.

The pieces were elaborately embellished and sexy.  I was pleased to see a plus sized model included and looking just as hot as any model I saw that week.  More interesting, were the encrusted sculptures of shoes on the models.  These were sequined, jeweled, painted, collaged, and I loved them.  These could be marketed as art even if they would never see the inside of any department store.

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