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Monday, September 3, 2012

Top Trends in Denim - NYDJ Jeans

nydj jeansnydj jeans
What jeans are you wearing for fall?  Top trends are bold, deeper colors as an extension of summer trends.  Tonal prints and the modern classic of dark rinse and slim silhouettes.

I watched a range of women in different shapes try on the selection at NYDJ.  These are jeans engineered to flatter.  Strategic stretch lifts your behind, slimming, and the vanity sizing doesn't hurt either.  Their signature construction detail responsible for the slimming is a criss crossed stitching panel for extra support across your tummy.  I must admit, I originally thought that NYDJ was a sly name for Mom jeans, but the fashion forward looks I found were anything but (no pun intended).

For fall, the big trends are deeper colors like dark maroon, rich brown.  A sexy python print on dark colors reads more like a texture.  A faux leather finish jeans a slick edge as well.  A very narrow corduroy jean is offered that also looks and feels like a rich texture, but without the funny noise that typical cords make as you walk :)

My friends know that I am usually not a jeans person.  I am happy to say I was quite pleased with the result of the dark rinse slim boot pair I received from NYDJ.  I'm riding on the back of Hubby's motorcycle this holiday Labor Day... If passing motorists are watching my behind, I won't be offended...

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