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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Norisol Ferrari Spring 2013

norisol ferrari spring 2013
carol alt norisol ferrari

Norisol Ferrari's first full runway show was a stunner.  She debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week with a presentation last February with dramatic darker looks. The theme this season was classic Hollywood glamour. Legendary models like Carol Alt, Carmen Dell’Orifice and Alva Chinn swept down the catwalk to show all the ingenues how real women and real models work the runway...

 Carmen Dell’Orifice, at 81 is proud to be one of the oldest working models in the industry. She landed her first Vogue cover as a teenager in 1947.  Carol Alt was the reigning campaign queen in the 1980's as the face of everything from Cover Girl to General Motors.  A savvy business women, she was one of the first models to really merchandise herself as a model brand.  Alva Chinn was the groundbreaking African-American model who represented Halson in the 1970's.

The looks themselves have the expertly tailored silhouettes of the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. Striking hats and cat's eye makeup with deep red lipstick help evoke iconic fashion eras like Dior's New Look and film noir femme fatales.

I had a chance to speak to the designer backstage. I love that she is bluntly honest about her philosophy and how working this hard leading up to the show isn't the most enjoyable experience. She was very adamant of how proud she was of her team and being amazed at the capabilities of producing a collection in New York city.  She designed this collection as a show of women being strong and feminine, that sexy didn't equal showing skin.  I believe the runway more than proved her point...


Watch Mdivani Monroe get the inside scoop with our backstage access:

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