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Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Master Class - Fall Statement Necklace

prada statement necklace
Fall jewelry time!  For this statement necklace, I was inspired by the chunky beaded sleeve of this Prada jacket from their Fall 2012 collection.  I love purple, silver and black so I kept the same color palette but different materials.

Prada used long bugle beads, opaque "cosmic" stones, smaller rosemonte crystals sewn on top of the holes along with round cabochons and ring shaped stones.  The final effect is a chunky, but contemporary organic look.  The fall 2012 collection itself had a futuristic, Blade Runner effect while they projected "digital princesses" on the runway.

My seasonal dinner with the Glam Network is like New Year's Eve for me during NY Fashion Week.  I wanted to make sure I had something fabulous and on trend to wear to look good for my fellow Glam bloggers.  I drew upon my embroidery design and crafting skills to make a necklace that would be on-trend, but totally my own.

Materials :
-large "cosmic" shaped crystal stones in a a black diamond color.  Swarovski Elements are stunning, but if you can't swing it, you can also substitute similar glass versions. (I like Beads World , Harman or Ebay)
-leatherette covered cabochons at M and J trimming
-extra long silver bugle beads in different lengths
-small sew on crystal stones   (I like Beads World or Ebay)
- purple leather (Leather Impact)
-black silk satin
-embroidery frame (Any craft store)
-black grosgrain ribbon (I buy ribbons from Paper Mart)

beading design
You can begin by embroidering the basic motifs with your bigger stones on satin.  Start with the large leather cabochon, then the side 'cosmic' stones.  Top the holes of the cosmic stones with the smaller crystal sew-on stones.  Then use your long bugle beads with stones or beads in between.  I like to make things asymmetrical, so I fill in jewels or beads in odd places for a richer, dimensional look.  Freestyle it!

mariana leung embroidery
When you are done with the embroidered motifs, trim around them.  Use some fabric and leather glue just to take the beaded pieces onto the leather, then stitch tack them in place as well.  Trim the leather a little bit past the edges of the satin.  Stitch the finished piece to grosgrain ribbon.


Prada runway photo by Monica Feudi of feudiguenari.com


Clear the Way Blog said...

That's totally do-able and really fabulous!

We're already friends on IFB but now I've followed you along all the other platforms!
- Kate

Msfabulousnyc said...

thanks Kate! Looking forward to following each other's work!

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