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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Embroidery Design Innovators - Stitches Magazine

embroidery design magazine

wedding gown embroidery

Embroidery trade publication, Stitches Magazine published a special fashion issue for September.  Titled the "New Age of Decoration" it spotlights seven designers who specialize in embellishment in their collections. 

 I am honored to be one of the seven designers featured (I'm called "The Dream Maker").  Besides giving Weng Meng Design Studio a plug, I loved seeing how diverse seven different embroidery specialists can be in their techniques and aesthetic. 

Artist Conrad Booker considers himself an environmentalist/couturier.  He created embellishments with found objects.  Cecile Hadjian modified Renaissance paintings digitally before printing them on fabric and embellishing them with stones and other materials.  

 I focused on taking classic techniques and modernizing them by varying the size and color of the materials to give embroidery depth or richer look in the fringed skirt.  I used delicate fabric appliques and crystal for the bridal pieces.

Embroidery is so much more than applying thread in little motifs on a garment.  It is a vast textile art that combines the most ancient artisan techniques with the most advanced technologies available today.  Materials go well beyond silk floss and glass beads.  Designers like myself have used everything from computer chips, film negatives, balloons and bubble wrap in our designs.  

You can check out the magazine and my fellow designers online here.

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