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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eddie Bauer - Jeans That Fit

eddie bauer jeans

eddie bauer curvy fit
Fashion's toughest challenge, jeans that fit has been tackled with a lot of research these days.  No longer about the styling, denim brands are dedicating entire departments on perfecting the perfect shape.

Recognizing that women's bodies are not all alike, the technical design department at Eddie Bauer examined the relationship of waists to hips to thighs and how the shape was distributed to come up with three core fit blocks.
 Starting today, their new jeans will be available in Truly Straight Fit, Slightly Curvy and Curvy Fits.  Four different lengths are also available, for women of all different heights, petite, regular, long and tall.

Pam Macduff, Senior Manager of Technical Design at Eddie Bauer was on hand at an event to show women exactly what their perfect fit was.  As a former technical designer myself, I was pretty confident that I didn't need their help.  Surprisingly though, they measured me and determined that I was Truly Straight fit, when I had assumed I would at least be slightly curvy.

While colored denim and printed denim were big trends this year, the denim category itself evolves less  than other categories like dresses when it comes to style.  Most denim brands have similar washes, similar silhouettes, the same weights in fabric...  What this ultimately means is that the biggest deciding factor in the sale of a pair of jeans over the competitor is the fit.  Levi's launched their Curve ID fits in 2010, NYDJ built their brand engineering their jeans to be slimming for real bodies.  This fit assessment is definitely not a trend.  The technical designer has become the star now, over the fashion designer, (though you'll still never see a technical designer's name on a label).  Is that fair?

Who do YOU think should receive the accolades for great jeans?  The person who chose the wash or the person who made sure it made you butt look amazing?
Photos by Mariana Leung

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