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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Greetings! Just Wink Card App!

My birthday was this past Sunday, and I share it with two other friends.  Then, a bunch of other friends all share birthdays within a few days of myself, and even more within the same month.  It's really confusing.

My last birthday, wonderful Hubby got me an iPad.  I have shifted my entire productive existence to this and its sibling, the iPhone.  Therefore it is no surprise that in the month of July, my introduction to the Just Wink app would result in a successful friendship.

This is a very useful card application that gives me a great collection of e-cards (which can also be sent as snail mail cards) with Twitter and Facebook built in.  Many of the prints are fashion trend inspired.  Some of have retro-graphics.  The messages on some of them are cheeky and risque for those who aren't the hearts and flowers type.

For a time-crunched multi-tasker like myself (lazy to others), this application is perfect.  Linking to Facebook automatically brings in your friends contacts and birthdays (so now I don't have to look for them or remember the dates).  You can choose how far in advance you want to send the card (choose 7 days if you prefer to send actual paper cards through the mail).

Once I have personalized the card, I just need to choose the recipient and method of delivery (for stalkers, you can choose all of the above).  You can add photos inside the card and hand write our signature (dirty doodle) with your phone screen.   Sending a chic card over Facebook in addition to just a little blip on your friend's timeline makes you look like a better friend than everyone else....Ha.  Having their Twitter followers see your witty greeting makes them think your friend is a rock star (ok, maybe not).

Either way, if you need a stylish way to send your loved ones a message, Just Wink just makes it easy.  So now no one has an excuse for not staying in touch.

justWink is an awesome collection of greeting cards that feature bold colors, adorable illustrations, and witty copy for every occasion. The combination of whimsical unicorns, sweater-wearing cats, and (of  course) bacon with realistic, yet playful messages create an unexpected experience for all. And guess
what? Each card has a QR code and URL on the back that directs you to a free justWink app for iPhone and Android phones. Download the app and you can send digital cards via text, email or Facebook. For more information and where to find justWink cards on shelf, visit www.just-wink.com or www.facebook.com/justwink .

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by JustWink via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of JustWink.

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