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Saturday, July 21, 2012

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: Dolores Cortes 2013

A rainbow and a wink.  The sassy models of the Dolores Cortes show had hair shaped into a high bouffant with brushstrokes of rainbow colors painted into the front.  With styling like this, it's rather difficult to take yourself too seriously.  The ladies winked and smirked their way through a bold collection Friday night at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim.  

The swimwear features bright, bold prints of cheetah and neon abstract paint strokes.  Teeny bikinis shared the runway with one-piece suits with all sorts of ingenious cutouts.  The same candy colored palette was used in a feather-like print that flattered the body's curves. 

This collection proved that you can be silly, sexy and sophisticated all at once.

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