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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alternative Fashion at Wave Gotik Treffen 2012

steampunk fashion

asian punk

Alternative fashion and counter culture often influences mainstream fashion and sometimes the relationship is mutual.  At this year's Wave Gothic Music festival in Leipzig, trends we have seen on recent runways seem to be reflected in the festival garb.

Romantic silhouettes inspired by Marie Antoinette and upcoming period films were given an edgier sexy twist by fans.  Steampunk fashion went luxe with ornate embellishments.  Military and men's tailoring was combined with punk styling and Asian motifs, very popular on NY Fashion Week runways were given an update with latex masks.

Gothic style has been given a bad name with mall chains like Hot Topic.  The thousands of fans at Wave Gotik Treffen have proven that it can be elegant, artistic and beautiful.

Photos by ingrid eulenfan,Adam Berry,Manfred Drewa,Tino Eh,UWE-DZ,Mr. Dog, ,,bluedave,,,,

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