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Thursday, July 19, 2012

46664 Fashion Honoring Nelson Mandela

46664 fashion show

How did you honor International Nelson Mandela Day yesterday?  The 46664 fashion collection is the first global South African fashion label designed in the spirit of the culture and pride of the people.  A partnership with South African textile and apparel manufacturer Seardel, 7-9% of the proceeds are donated to benefit the Mandela Day Library Project.  

The number 466 was Nelson Mandela's prisoner number and 1964 was the year he was incarcerated.  To grow something negative into something positive, the 46664 humanitarian organization initially started as a global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign.  Soon it grew to be much more, challenging people to put their own passion and efforts to improve the world.

The presentation was hosted by the South African Consulate near the United Nations.  The Consul General, George Monyemangene introduced the presentation. Celebrity stylist Philip Bloch was present to support, (also flashing his Africa tattoo on his abs).  Male supermodel Sam Sarpong modeled some clothes down the mini runway.  The clothes themselves were contemporary and the color palette was bold.  On some of the shirts, the embroidered motif of a hand, placed over the heart symbolized the passion of Nelson Mandela.

Multi-platinum singer Lira looked beautiful as modeled one of the dresses.  However Miss Lira truly moved the crowd when she spoke about her experience as someone who grew up at the tail end of apartheid.  She described the experience of watching a country and community experiencing freedom for the first time and struggling with what exactly that meant.  She described how proud she was to have the freedom to decide what she wanted to do and what to be and the privilege of having that choice.  Wearing a fantastic dress that also grew from designs and artisans of her heritage, and being someone who had the freedom to where it was something she did not take for granted.  

Three libraries that have benefited from 46664 fashion are planned to open this year.  

Mr. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for humanitarian rights.  Nelson Mandela International Day challenges you to give only 67 minutes of your time, to support your chosen charity or serve your local community.  For more information, visit here.

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