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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello La Mode Preview Party

NYC's top fashion bloggers and designers gathered at 28 on 27 Tuesday to celebrate the pre-launch of a new online luxury resale site, HelloLaMode.com. 

I was intrigued by the concept of a digital marketplace that focuses purely on luxury, designer fashion goods.  I love that it takes the guess work out and risk out of buying consignment goods online by personally certifying each item that is sold for authenticity and condition.  When the company offered me a job as their marketing director, I was honored and said yes!

The party Tuesday brought out my favorite bloggers Jinna, Christine Tsang, Stephanie Unter, John Simon among others.  My design peeps from over the years came from companies like Carmen Marc Valvo, Diand von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.  

As the event planner for this little soiree, I had the privilege of serving up French favorites like sparkling wine, macarons and madeleines from Financier Patisserie.    

Fashion illustrator Jennifer Lilya, (part of the upcoming NY Fashion week exhibit) was on hand to sketch the guests in their chic poses.  For those who needed a quick fix, a spontaneous photo booth was also set up for fun.

This site really speaks to me since I have accumulated TONS of designer items over the years from being in the industry. Some were impulse purchases, some were just cool, but never found an occasion to wear it.  I have too many pairs of shoes I have never worn because I realized they weren't comfortable on my wide feet.  Some pieces were samples from my job or friend's jobs.     

With Hello La Mode, I can list of all of these for sale (then buy new stuff!)   For those who realize they are more attached to their pieces than they thought, you can always change your mind up until the actual sale takes place.  When a purchase is requested, the site will send out a free shipping label for you to send the item to the head office to be certified before it is sent out.  

If you are a buyer, your funds are held in escrow until your purchase checks out for both authenticity and item condition. 

All right, you know you have tons of neglected pretty things in your closet.  Isn't it time to purge and renew?  Check out the VIP beta version of the site at HelloLaMode.com   (Use password FASHION to enter).  

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