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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parsons Fashion Show - Accessories

parsons shoe
parsons shoe design
The graduating class of Parsons School of Design students held their finale show Tuesday. I have a very long list of photographs that I need to edit from the runway show. In the meantime, I wanted to showcase the accessories designers that were on display outside of the auditorium.

Fanciful platforms with avant-garde heels dominated the shoe category. Mixed colors, patterns and structures elevated the footwear into high art.
parsons accessory design
In handbags, Coach and Li & Fung were major sponsors. Thus, the purses on display were a mix of practical, functional and highly fashionable. Creativity blossomed in the mixed materials and treatments. There were some interesting frames and multi seamed silhouettes that would look perfect on the shelves of Bergdorf's or Bendel's!

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