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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Occupy Runway! Adrian Wu Fall 2012

adrian wu
guy fawkes fashion
 Can a fashion collection be a beacon for social change?  Empress Josephine openly defied Napoleon's dictator-like ideas on womens' dress by becoming an fashion icon in her own style.  More recently, there was a movement to wear hoodies en mass in support of Trayvon Martin's family.

Adrian Wu is one of Canada's hottest young designers. His fall collection was called "Hierachy of Needs".  This was born from the designer's musings on European and American politics to human rights.  The models were accessorized with Guy Fawkes masks, brought to current fame from the movie, V for Vendetta.  More recently, the masks have become a symbol for the Occupy Wall Street movement and "hactivist" group Anonymous. 

 He was inspired aesthetically by new tailoring techniques he learned, such as inverted pleating.  He referenced vintage silhouettes from the House of Dior, (he dreams to lead the atelier one day) and used flannelette as a base, traditionally used for sleepwear.

Designers like Adrian Wu remind those of us in media that fashion can be thoughtful, socially relevant in addition to beautiful and wearable.  Now if only Joan of Arc could sew...
photos by David T.W. Leung

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