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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Style Icon - Joan Holloway

mariana leung mad men look

Were you as excited about the return of AMC's Mad Men as I was?  My favorite girl crush of a character, Joan Holloway (now Harris) was back on the screen.  Seeing Christina Hendricks on the air was a revelation.  I had never seen such a curvy woman on modern television celebrated as much as she has.  The Joan Holloway character is sexy, stylish and takes crap from no one.  A quick search on the internet found countless blogs devoted to her as a sex symbol as well as a fashion icon.

The Joan Holloway style involves figure flattering dresses, provocative in what they cover, not what they expose.  Her colors are rich, like deep blues, teal, red and occasionally black.  She has tasteful jewelry strategically worn to accent her assets.  

I gave my take on her look with modern designers.  Instead of 1960's bows, my knit ponte dress from Byron Lars has an asymmetrical twist detail.  Instead of Joan's signature pen necklace, mine was a gold pendant, molded from a crystal shard from Stella & Dot.  My Rebecca Minkoff handbag had a retro boxy silhouette, but funky, updated hardware.  

Mad Men gives great screen time to cocktails.  While I don't condone drinking at the office, (I do recognize it can be necessary) it does show libations in chic crystal before the days of cheap beer in cans.    Many of my former cocktail buddies are now new Moms.   Luckily, they still like to party, even if they are nursing a little one instead of nursing a hangover.  My solution is to create some tasty beverages that can still be served in a martini glass.  

My sponsor for this post, Crystal Light also offers options for Girls/Mommies night out.  They have low calorie, non-alcoholic versions of Mojitos, Bellinis, and Pomtinis.

Whether you're looking for Don Draper or conquering new career frontiers like Joan and Peggy, always do it with style!

Crystal Light Mocktails are a fun way to get all the taste of your favorite cocktails without all the alcohol. With five flavorful calories and zero regrets they've caused quite a stir. Find out more at http://on.fb.me/IuqNu5.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Crystal Light Mocktails via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Crystal Light Mocktails

Photos courtesy of AMCtv and Adam Weinstein

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Anonymous said...

I love 'joannie' and u look dynamite. I think I see Roger peeking behind you! Adam better watch out!

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