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Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City from Milly by Michelle Smith

milly fall 2012milly fall 2012
Neon is still going strong.  Milly by Michelle Smith can always be counted on for a bright color palette and bold prints.  For Fall 2012, the designer and Mom sent out feminine flouncy skirts with lace overlays, variegated stripes, plaids and flattering color-blocked silhouettes.  Basic black was paired with high contrast white, royal blue, neon pink and acid yellow.

I am a black tights girl myself.  I also have a hard time breaking from my Gotham-mandated uniform of black in my wardrobe.  This collection gave me lots of high contrast options to pair with my existing noir garb.

Milly just did a fun collaboration with Topsiders this spring.  Based on Michelle Smith's final bow, I'm hoping for an adorable children's launch soon too!
milly michelle smith

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