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Monday, March 26, 2012

True to Basics Tibi Fall 2012

tibi fall 2012
There is something to be said for simplicity.  That seemed to be the rule for Tibi's Fall 2012 collection.  The first half was a mix of black and white separates.  Various scales of a pretty bird print were used, as well as some interesting textural applique finishes.  The second half were a mix of very basic silhouettes of straight skirts, straight cropped pants, boat neck tops and jackets without collars.  The color palette for these were deep, rich jewel tones of burgundy and teal with metallics.

OK, it's not earth shattering in forward design, but easily understood and wearable (translated: salable).  If you are being cautious in fashion for fear of the economic climate, designers go one of two ways.  Play it safe like Tibi, or go all out and risk it all to show something new that will inspire people to buy.  I have seen clothing brands try both, and only the cash register judges in the end.

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