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Thursday, March 15, 2012


joe fresh fall 2012
joe fresh fall 2012 Groovy baby!  Canada's most recognizable fashion brand, Joe Fresh presented their fashion show yesterday.    The collection had a lot of  1960's inspired silhouettes.  Mod mini-skirts and dresses, tight cigarette pants and cozy duffle coats were flattering to all.  The color palette was a rainbow of warm fall shades of maroon, orange, mustard and red, as well a cool palette of bright blue and green.  Black and white was used in the form of basics or over-sized houndstooth pattern.  Chunky knit hats, faux fur stoles and boxy handbags were the accessories of choice.  
joe fresh fall 2012
This is always the most highly anticipated show in Toronto and most likely to have Canadian celebs in the front row. Fellow designer colleagues make it out next to the runway too, such as Pink Tartan designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran and designer Evan Biddell.  

While the patent leather jackets, sexy mini dresses and tailored coats look fabulous down the catwalk, what will actually be found in the stores might be very different.  Patent leather, wool and detailed knits could give way to vinyl, nylon blends and machine knits to hit their famed low price point. The tailoring that makes the models look sharp could be refit to accommodate a larger variety of bodies.

 Joe Fresh, by designer Joe Mimran started out as a supermarket clothing line known for its trendy styling.  Within the last year, it has made a big splash with shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  Whether you like your jackets next to the juice aisle or one of the many people carrying the orange bag on the streets of NYC, one thing is clear.  Joe Fresh is a hit.
A rose for designer Joe Mimran from a happy investor?
Photos by David TW Leung

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