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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exotics for the Uninitiated

Animal lover, but not not an animal-print lover?  Afraid of being the cougar on the block?  Exotics are a big trend for spring, but leopard spots and tiger stripes never made their way in my closet.  So what do you do to show off this trend?

For my look, I grabbed a printed silk shift dress in tonal grey colors.  The graphics were more of a collage of animal photos than skin print.  The monochromatic palette, as well as the soft fabric is one way to make the look more subtle.  

Still need ways to tone down the  beast?  Try small scale versions of animal prints.  Minuscule leopard prints can look like a dainty dot or texture when they are small enough.

Use exotics as an accent.  A belt, a scarf or bold handbag is the easiest way to show your stripes if you are not comfortable wrapping your body in it.  The great thing about this trend is that it can be dressed up with great jewelry or dressed down with fitted jeans.

It's warming up outside...Get ready to ROAR! 

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cheetah print dress said...

Oh i love her Outfit! The dress is adoreable and she looks really beautiful!

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