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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet the Bloggers at Ruia Boutique

Thursday night, I was invited by the team at luxury shoe boutique Ruia to speak about myself and blog. I was joined by two other amazing bloggers, Lera of Fashion Addict Diary and Stephanie of NewYork Fashion Hunter.

Chocolate,wine and champagne from Ayza Wine Bar were served to a well heeled group of guests. These included shoe designer Kora Mancini who wore a pair of her inventive boots and is represented in the boutique. I got to meet with other bloggers as well as reps from Digs boutique. I was ecstatic to also be joined by college friend June, and former co-workers Stella and Nyree.

Lera spoke about the history of fashion blogging, and how she was a part of it's development. She is a self-taught fashion 'expert' who has had some great blogger perks, such as being flown out to Paris by Chanel to review their line.

Stephanie Unter's blog is focused on her own shopping adventures and search for the perfect accessory.

My presentation for Ms. Fabulous included my journey from Parsons through all of my jobs in the fashion industry that have shaped my blogging.

All in all, it was a great night. I loved meeting the other bloggers. It is always interesting to see how different every blogger's vision can be!

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