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Friday, February 10, 2012

NY FASHION WEEK: Candela's Rustic Charm for Fall 2012

Deep shades of claret, dark teal, cream, eggplant.  I swear all of the NY Fashion Week designers are after my heart with their colors!  Candela had feminine, ditsy prints in vintage silhouettes.  There were some very pretty embroidered blouses that I want right now.  Cozy popcorn cable cardigans to slip on over lacy dresses.

Jewelry ranged from ladylikc pearl necklaces to crystal moon dangling earrings.  Floral headpieces gave a regal, country look to a few models and a jeweled headband looked like a bohemian socialite.

 Designer Gabrielle Perezutti designs with her Uruguayan ranch upbringing and her present NYC urban culture. This explains why the sets were rural, the clothing was elegant, like a princess forging her own frontier...

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