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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Week Problems...Solved!

When you have a fashion emergency, do you call the fashion police? No.  Kmart Fashion has gathered a concierge service during NY Fashion Week to act as your EMT for the crises that may come up.

Last week, the mega retailer launched their Fashion Week Problems service with a special edition tee by the Downtown t-shirt label Sophomore NYC.  The big graphic of a broken-heeled stiletto is symbolic of the many mishaps a fashionista might encounter during the hectic week of shows and events.

This event also gave us a chance to check out their highly fashionable in-store labels like Glo, LYS and Sofia Vergara’s signature collection.  I was very impressed at the amount of style and variety represented there.  The Sofia Vergara collection had terrific handbags, very on-trend with sophisticated styling.  I am constantly amazed what mass retailers like K-mart can achieve on a limited price point. 

In a fun, but highly appreciated campaign, bloggers and fashion influencers can use Twitter to call out for help with the hashtag #fashionweekproblems with their emergency.  Kmart’s helpers will then rush out in real time to aid with ripped tights, hair troubles, tissues, moisturizer needs, etc.

Knowing myself, I will likely need all of the above.  I’m not sure how they will aid in the broken heel department, unless they have a cobbler on staff, but I can’t wait to see them in action.  Bloggers like me could preemptively put together their own survival kit (even better than my original) at the event, filling up an eco-tote with essentials before the shows start. 

To paraphrase an old Girl Scout motto (early uniform fetish reference), the best defense in a fashion emergency is to “Be Prepared”.

1 comment:

Collections said...

This is awesome. I can't believe they have a fashion crisis hotline!

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