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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eastern Style of Josie Natori Fall 2012

Ancient art met modern zen for the Josie Natori presentation at the Rubi Museum of NYC.  The designer known mainly for intimate apparel brought out a retro Mongolian-inspired collection with deep black, cream and red colors.

The kimono was clearly a muse, as variations on the silhouette were interpreted in several ways.  Soft and built around the shoulder, or as an exaggerated jacket to accentuate sleeves.  While the looks clearly referenced traditional clothing items of Chinese and Japanese origin, Ms. Natori drew from that to create a fresh sportswear collection with bold Asian prints on chic black backgrounds.

Dark vamp lipstick was paired with 1920's waves or 1930's curls.  Accessories included feathered fans and fan pleated clutch handbags.

The presentation of having coiffed models saunter down a spiral staircase really helped to create drama.  It was like watching 1930's screen goddesses materialize out of an opium daze into daylight.  Beautiful!

Photos by Ching Leung

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