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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Naeem Khan Spring 2012

Awards season is in full swing...That means lots of gowns down the red carpet.  Do you have enough frocks lined up?  Naeem Khan is one of the more regal designers out there.  He dresses royalty from all reaches of the planet.

For Spring 2012, he had a mix of sexy, bright, pastel and floral.  The best gowns had dramatic silhouettes or intricate beaded flowers.  The body hugging sleek dresses that were the most simple were also the most sexy.

Some of the looks were too long and too covered up, giving an impression of suffocation (though I suspect those are for princesses of more conservative religious countries).  There was a small group of printed floral looks, (pants on a one piece, dresses with a Bo-peep shape) that didn't work for me either. They just left me scratching my head as they felt out of place among such elegant creations. Then again, Mr. Khan probably has a more diverse clientele than most designers, so he has more divas to please.

Whichever look you choose, you are guaranteed to make a grand entrance.

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