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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kara Ross Spring 2012

Need more bling in your life?  Jeweler Kara Ross has gems on her mind this spring, along with exotic leathers, metals and style.  All shades of turquoise, lapis and amethyst dominated this seasons' collection.  You could see it in the shades of painted skins on the envelope flap bags or embedded in the jewelry.  

Some of Kara's signature touches are the faceted finishes resembling the closeup view of precious stones on rings and cuff bracelets.  The other is the jeweled clasps on her purses for that extra luxury touch.   Some of the rarer skins used in the handbags are then set in metal like a jewel for a truly symbiotic design process across categories.  Is that an artists' perogative? Thrifty or an eco-minded creative process?  Either way, Spring's blue skies will be beautiful.

Mdivani Monroe interviews Ms. Ross to discuss her baubles in depth:

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