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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Splurge vs Steal: Burberry Toggle Coat or UK French Connection Toggle Coat

It's winter and it's the battle of the toggle coats.  The toggle coat is a classic silhouette year after year that looks good on mostly everyone.  Burberry makes many of my favorite classics, (I'll hold on to my single breasted trench coat forever) and makes this lovely hooded wool coat pictured above on the left for $895.00.  It has the classic nova plaid lining, leather toggles, can stay in your closet for eternity. 

Now, not everyone can afford to shop at Burberry.  If that's your predicament, Sears has come to the rescue with a MUCH more affordable solution.  They challenged me to style a "Steal" of a look. While we know Sears is the place to go for appliances, they are stepping up their fashion game with collaborations with some big brands.  They have an extensive accessories and party dress collection with the Kardashian sisters, and the UK French Connection line as well.  The wool blend toggle coat I am wearing is currently on sale for $64.00, that's right, less than 1/10th of the Burberry coat.  Yes, it doesn't have a hood, and well, it's not Burberry, but it's cute and keeps me warm this morning.  The navy works well with my bold print Diane von Furstenburg dress from this week's sample sale.  The shoes are another super-affordable find from Spring Shoes, and are surprisingly comfortable for heels this high.  The handbag is a silver leather tote from Coach.

Stay warm, whether you're treating yourself or styling on a budget!

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