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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nautica Spring 2012

At a recent trip to a museum exhibit, I met up with friends wearing a polo shirt and jeans.  My friends ribbed me, saying that it was the most casual they had ever seen me dressed!  Admittedly, my “casual” would oftentimes be what others would call business casual, but I’m just not that laid back of a dresser.  I’m kind of a preppy guy at heart and wearing flip-flops and grunge clothing is really not my thing.

Which brings me to the Nautica Spring 2012 Collection.  The presentation was held on the rooftop deck of the Empire Hotel (you’ll recognize it as Chuck Bass’ hotel on Gossip Girl) and I attended with my dear friend and partner Mariana Leung of MsFABulous.com.  We were able to snag an interview with Creative Director Chris Cox to find out more about the line.  We also spoke with up-and-coming hip hip star fame and got his views on the collection.
I personally own several pieces of Nautica clothing from board shorts and windbreakers to hoodies.  I love the semi-preppy style of Nautica and this season gave me more of what I want.  Great polos, board shorts, hoodies, pants and a few great jackets!  I loved the color range this season, from nautical blues, yellows and whites to bold reds, oranges and yellows.  I have been craving more color in my wardrobe and this line delivers!
As a lifestyle brand, Nautica is a great fit for me and I know that it will answer the needs of a very wide audience.  I can’t wait for the line to hit the stores and go shopping!

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