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Monday, November 14, 2011

Levi's Spring 2012 Jeans

Your favorite jeans. Everyone has a pair. You can dressed up, glam, blinged, but at the end of the day what do you slip into?  Levi's showed their offerings Spring 2012 at a party on the West Side of Manhattan.  Edgy installations of bicycles, canoe and garden vignettes, showed off new looks for the season.

Ethically produced and environmentally sensitive production methods were highlighted.  A huge platform of jeans were shown to demonstrate a wash process that used less water.  The caterer to the event used local organic farms to further reduce the carbon footprint.

Levi's Curve ID was also shown.  This group aims to fit your booty perfectly through better measurement and shape assessment.  I have to say my best fitting jeans DID come from this line after being measured by the staff at their Soho store.

Besides jeans, there was a cotton casual dress collection shown on a faux grassy lawn complete with picket fence.  They were fun, breezy frocks that I imagined most of America would want to wear.

Levi's demonstrated why they are the leading denim company for this country.  They're innovators in technology, production and fit.  Now if only I could more jeans into my damn closet...

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