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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lacoste Debuts La Machine and Fragrance Launch

lacoste perfume

The little crocodile invaded Grand Central Station.  I'm not talking about an urban legend about Manhattan sewers.  Iconic brand Lacoste threw a fun soiree to celebrate their fragrances, Blanc, Vert and Bleu, as well as introduce their social media installation, La Machine.

The fragrances were inspired by the brand's signature colors.  Co-ordinating cocktails were created to fete the scents.  Lacoste's marketing director spoke about the project and actor Max Minghella declared his (personally purchased) love of the brand.  Fans and dancers performed for the crowd in an enthusiastic dance before the unveiling of the "Machine".

While the installation was an impressive piece of art, I was still left in the dark on how the piece was interactive.  Names were projected onto the piece from their Facebook fans, and it claimed to turn a shirt into perfume.  I did see a hydraulic shelf bring a shirt up and down, while another shelf had a fragrance product on it, but didn't move.

The surprise guests of the night were Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in great form.  It was a fun musical tribute to the time when Lacoste was in it's glory in the 1980's before it's resurgence again in recent years.

See the installation below:

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