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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miami Fashion Week Swim: Cia Maritima 2012

Cia Maritima's show at Miami Fashion Week drew the most enthusiastic response from the burly men of the photographer's pit.  How can you go wrong with a vintage Van Halen soundtrack and hot models in bikinis?

For those of us actually studying actual fashion details of the collection, there were sexy animal prints to be found.  Leopard spots showed up in chiffon wraps and swim suits.  A sorbet color palette of raspberry, lemon and pops of turquoise came up in dip-dyed cover-ups and watercolor floral prints. 1980's rock and roll influence could be seen in the off-the-shoulder fringed tops or revealing cut-out silhouettes.

Cia Maritima is the hot Brazilian swimwear line from Benny Rosset.  The grandson of a famous shirt manufacturer in the 1930's, Benny updated the family business to mix high-tech textiles and luxury workmanship into upscale fashion for the beach.

Whether you are a groupie or looking to acquire an entourage of your own, Brazil's top swimwear designer has your back.

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fashion schools said...

An original set of bikinis. I specially like the second.

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