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Monday, April 25, 2011

Most Fashionable NYC Easter Parade Hats

 Bonnet, chapeau, fascinator, head sculptures...Easter is a time for religious reflection or gluttonous chocolate consumption.  For the most stylish of New Yorkers, yesterday's 5th avenue parade was a giant runway for the most exquisite creations to top your crown.

Fashion personalities like Rosemary Ponzo, fashion designers and milliners showed their favorite designs.  Artists made a statement with dramatic sculptures.  Lovers of vintage accessorized complete outfits for their favorite era.  Young princesses danced around in wide brimmed dress-up hats while twirling in Sunday School dresses.

Cadbury be damned, I know what I'm asking the Easter Bunny for next year...
Photos by Jemal Countess and Geoffry Gertz

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