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Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Jeannie Mai - Host of "How do I look?"

jeanne mai
Jeannie Mai and Ritika W
Who knew when we accepted an invite from Jeannie Mai to share breakfast trenches, we would be meeting a 21st century Mary Tyler Moore?

The sharply dressed style host/dynamo of  Style network show "How do I look?"  draws on her proudly Vietnamese-Chinese background to dole out humorous and practical advice to the show's style-deprived fans on a weekly basis and transforms them into fashionistas.

Her show is about fashion make-overs but her  authentic interest in the guests makes it more than your typical fluff program. Jeannie said "Yes, it's about fashion.  Honestly, fashion is a result of of how those women feel".   This is defined as a change that comes first from within. She says "You get the Jeannie one liners" but she connects with the women on her show as well. After 12 seasons of the show, Mai came on board as host and it won it's first Emmy.

The reason  Jeannie likes her show  is because it gives her a platform to "connect because they forgot how worthy they are". . "My favorite part of the show is the psychology of style. "  She also has a knack in her show and in real life of channeling her background to connect.

 Jeannie-isms from our breakfast  included using "scarves can totally chic an outfit out" and "I am very cheap, coming from a 16 member family home" referring to her early years growing up in San Jose as the daughter of immigrant parents.  "I try to save a good buck" and that believes firmly that  "fashion dresses you for the job you want, not the one you have." She clearly follows her own advice.

Jeannie partied till late the night before our breakfast but ended up looking crisp and glamorous in white and black ensemble that was the perfect mix of high and low. The shoes were by Guess but her new favorite indie brand is  United Nude.  The white shirt is a steal from the Limited and the sequined crop pants - PRPS (one of her under the radar fashion faves).

At the start of our breakfast, she immediately focused her laser sharp vision on each of us in the room, asking about our blog and commenting on our clothes. For me, she said “I immediately noticed your mixing of patterns – the floral coat and print dress.”  I believe I passed her style test!

After all, this woman rose from the ranks from make up artist in California  to  her current perch as multi-hyphenate talent. She shared her story of fame of her quest to become 'something'  when she she drove from her home town to LA with $250 cash and a Polaroid  'headshot.' Literally, it was a close range shot of her forehead to chin. Apparently, it did the trick. Sitting without an appointment, she waited for hours for that magic 'something' to happen  at the office of William Morris. Nothing happened. Stars walked in and out - Harrison Ford and so on.

Finally, a woman sat down next to her in the reception area and chatted with her. Laughed and said "What the _____ is that?" when Mai showed her the clearly unflattering headshot. Jeannie stayed, and the woman went upstairs to her appointment.  The receptionist was shooing Jeannie out when the call came. She had been summoned upstairs. Why? Because the woman who laughed at the headshot recognized something in Jeannie. The magical "It" - star quality. Jeannie Mai walked upstairs and found the woman who had laughed so much was Wandy Skykes  who had insisted her agent see Jeannie. And the rest, is history....

Jeannie's fashion advice  to all of us are:
"Heels. Always. Do it"
"The way that you dress, you put on armour"
" Something to wake you up -color!"

And when shopping, most people listen to music. Jeannie says "I have food porn when I shop" and "when I get dressed, I PUMP my Ipod. I am obsessed with Rihanna 's S&M" and "I play the song from Mannequin - my favorite movie - ever!"  (The song is of course, Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and the movie starred future Sex and the City sexy blonde, Kim Cattrall

And finally, 5 staples in Jeannie's closet which she believes everyone should have include-
1) Pencil skirt- leather "the bomb.com to command attention"
2/3) Pair of heels - "one wedge, one 6" stiletto - really commands attention!"
4)An amazing florescent blouse in chiffon or silk
5)And of course"wonderful make-up"

Watch Jeannie on her show which airs new episodes on Saturdays at 8pm and 11pm. 

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