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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rebecca Taylor Meatpacking Boutique Launch

Chic designer Rebecca Taylor arrived on a glittery silver (not red) carpet for the opening of her new boutique last night.  Amid the hail and high winds, fashionistas flocked downtown to shop the feminine items for Spring 2011.  New York celebrities came out in support of the designer like Gossip Girl's Michelle Trachtenburg, Tika Sumpter and 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden.

The store interior had beautiful moldings on walls of off-white rose.  The clothing racks were undulating shapes to give a rhythmic flow to the boutique.  Ms. Taylor explained that she wanted this location to honor the Meatpacking District roots.  The outdoor signage includes the classic chophouse awning with rusted metal lettering.

  The designer also forged ahead to open the Tokyo boutique this week at a time when many companies pulled out from fear.  Staff at the New York event sold raffle tickets to raise money for those in need in Japan.  The prize was a one-of-a-kind gown made for the film "Beautiful Dream".

The spring collection contained lots of delicate floral prints.  Some printed on floral silk jacquard.  Washed silk pieces had thread picked edges along with pleated or ruffled embellishments. Handbags were small and rounded.  The leather was embossed with snake texture.  There were canvas fish-printed beach totes for the summer. Jewelery rounded out the accessories.  The jewelry was designed by Tory, Rebecca's sister.  A special dolphin charm was created as a fundraising item to save dolphins in the Pacific.  On another shelf, handmade bracelets were sold to benefit the victims of Haiti.

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