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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daryl K Fall 2011

Downtown Daryl K.  The label was the synonymous with hipster cool in the 1990’s.  Easy, slouchy, Bohemian yet urban, the designer herself embodied the ideal customer. 

Flash forward to 2011, the designer has grown up, become a mother.  The trendsetting items she made cool are now considered basics for a NYC uniform.  Leather leggings and military-inspired utility wear were brought back into spotlight.

Daryl Kerrigan took the season of fall quite literally as inspiration.  The studio runway was strewn with dried leaves and branches.  The backdrop was a collage of leaf prints.  The back wall had a projection of autumn woods.  The digitized leaf print was also used in jackets and dresses within the collection.  The silhouettes were made for the real woman, and that was exactly who modeled the clothes.  Shoes were cute, but sensible for the Manhattan streets (rather than the 6” platforms of all the other runways).  
The designer stated that comfort was the most important thing she learned over the years of career.  Amen to that.

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