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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Custo Barcelona - Fall 2011

The attitude was wild and brash.  David and Custodio Dalmau’s show for Custo Barcelona is one of the most anticipated during fashion week for its vibrant outlook.   For me, it was the first time seeing them live on the runway.  My eyes were blinded from the swirling patterns.

There were several pieces that evolved from last Fall’s ‘it’ item, the fur vest.  For the upcoming season, there was a feathered, halter vest, looped wool jacket, layered faux fur stripe cape and stripes of bleached white.  Their signature mix of prints this season included 1960’s geometrics mixed with electric paisley for a Bohemian look.  Metallic animal prints were combined with swirling knits that took you easily from Ibiza to Goa and then back to the city again.

Fashion designers tend to have 'runway' looks that are purely editorial.  By the time the pieces trickle down to the stores, the looks are tame and less theatrical.

Seeing the Custo Barcelona shops in Madrid last month, I can attest that this is one label where that does not apply.  What you see is what you get. 

Photos by Ritika Wahal

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