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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chris Benz Fall 2011

The David Rubenstein Atrium was packed beyond capacity on Valentine’s Day.  The occasion was the presentation of Chris Benz’ Fall 2011.  Crowds pushed their way slowly through the exhibit, frustrating photographers and celebrities alike.  Susan Sarandon was spotted swimming with the tide.  Fashion blogger BryanBoy was observing the collection while inexplicably dressed as a lion. 

The clothes themselves were a representation of two of the top trends of the season…Americana and the 1970’s.   The color palette was warm, with a mix of cozy textures.  Wool mixed with leather, some fur and georgette.  Patterns included oversized swinging plaids and hippie florals.  Longer skirts with shorter pants were layered with 70's outerwear silhouettes.  Floppy hats played a big role in accessories.  Shoes were also a standout.  The shoes had funky colors and prints that would contrast the rest of the outfit.  

The muse of this collection was the studio lady of Savannah, Georgia, where Mr. Benz acts mentor.  This was another one of many nerd-chic collections this season  that once again proved brainy is HOT!

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