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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selfridges presents Britain's BRIGHT young THinGS

London is swinging again with energy. Fabulous shopping  starts on Oxford Street and continues for  miles to eclectic stores like Burberry, Ted Baker and Timberland on nearby on Regent Street. The wide streets are brimming with the famous red double decker buses. The mix of high/low and in-between fashion brings trendy teens, cool 20 somethings and design students from the nearby school together to create a frenetic pace of shoppers in every version of chic.

My favorite  store remains  
Selfridges which turned 101 years old this year. It is one of the iconic British brands of department stores. Surprisingly, this icon of British retail was founded by none other than Harry Gordon Selfridge of Wisconsin, USA. 

We were recently in London and  the fantastic Selfridges stole my heart. The retailer is the definition of posh chic which defines London. The store stretches from basement level to six floors. It houses fine wine, scrumptious desserts and fresh cut roses. There are hard to find Brit brands as as well as the ubiquitous Prada,  Gucci and the mix of other global designer brands.

The 2011 Bright Young Things Designers
If you make it to London, you must check out the wonderful store windows that face Oxford street.  Selfridges has selected the 2011 new stars of fashion under an window presentation called "Bright YoungThings" which feature an eclectic mix of designers from from mixed media artists to clothing designers. These designers are the new talents of the UK.  Selfridges is introducing them to the world via their provocative windows  as well as showcasing limited edition pieces in pop-up shopson-line sales.
Mixed media artist Alex Noble
To go with the theme of Bright Young Things, Selfridges also featured  The John Hour, a collective of three artists  to show their visual talents in whimsical installations filled with displays of brass musical instruments to  vintage movie house chairs hanging mid air.
Illustrator Sophie Stephens
The emphasis is on new and fun which is what Spring 2011 should be all about.
Knitwear designer Craig Lawrence
Do what we did, buy an air ticket and escape the New York winter and catch a whiff of spring weather and shopping mania in London and definitely go to Selfrdiges.  And, remember, there is the more affordable and even cooler Miss Selfridges within the store.

The color of the bright  yellow shopping bags will make you forget this is still a damn, long winter and no one needs to know whether you just bought macrons for under $10 or 
Lanvin for more than a few pretty sterling pounds….
Installation by The John Hour

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