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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dennis Basso Fall 2011 collection

Dennis Basso is famous for his decadent use of fur and attracting ladies who lunch. Naturally, his Fall 2011 collection had plenty of both. The audience in attendance was different than the usual fashion week crowd of outlandish characters and expressionless editors in black. Instead, the ladies who lunched and socialite set of the Upper East Side came to support their favorite furrier designer.  

Entire front rows of the double runway were filled with svelte, tall women carrying lots of pelts and sported real or faux tans with highlighted blonde hair. 

Dennis Basso's fur lovers in the front row
There was almost an obscene amount of fur in every variation. It was used in suit jackets to three quarter length coats. There were a few dresses in the mix.  A sheer, tiered lace frock was actually quite breathtaking.  I wish there had been more of those but this was a fall collection, which screams out for  fur, correct?
The colors were beautiful neutrals.   Browns, beige and light greys made up the palette.  It may not be to everyone's taste. Those of us in the press pit were all frisked at the last moment with a full search of our equipment and bags.  Apparently, there were fears that a PETA member might sneak in as a paparazzi shooting, with paint instead of a lens…
Luckily, there were no such incidents.  Under all the fur pieces, there were slinky, covet-worthy pieces. These included a chocolate silk plunging cowl neck evening dress that glided down the runway and looked surprisingly comfy. There were also some sharply tailored suits and trousers in luxe fabrics as well as cool knit crochet dresses with ruffles and flounces. 

Dennis Basso Fall 2011

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