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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Touch of Min-K - Blake Lively's Best Kept Secret

min k boutique
Our beloved West Coast correspondent, Mdivani Monroe came to visit NYC recently.  He got in touch with an old friend of Ms. FAB, Minji Kim, a fellow Parsons alum...  A new mother and talented designer, she has held court with a chic boutique in the East Village for years.  Mdivani gives the scoop:

"When you go to a highly competitive college, you form a special bond with those that survived it with you.  Even though years may go by and you may not even have any communication with fellow classmates, that bond somehow stays intact.  Who else can understand those all-nighters, the unrelenting work load, the ruthless competition, the intensity of the whole experience that changes your life forever.

As I was searching for new shopping venues in New York, I came across a boutique, Min-K, the brainchild of one of my former classmates at Parsons, Minji Kim.  Reminiscing on our time at school, I remembered Minji as always being super creative and for having an eye for what was hot and happening.  True to form, Minji’s boutique is the perfect place to shop for the coolest clothing and accessories in the market.  Showcasing designers from Korea, Min-K has fashion items that you won’t  find anywhere else in the city.
blake lively stylekatie holmes min k

Due to the cutting edge style found at Min-K, it is no wonder that you have seen it’s designs on celebs like Blake Lively, Katie Holmes and many more.

When you are in New York, you have to pay a visit to Min-K and pick up a something special and original!  And if Minji is in the store, say hi for me!"

For more on the boutique and an interview with Minji, check out Mdivani's video blog here. 

Photos and Video by Ritika Wahal
Photos of Blake Lively and Katie Holmes Courtesy of Min-K

December 2014 Update: Sadly, the boutique will be closing its doors in February 2015. You can stay up to date on Minji Kim's work on her website and her costume work for upcoming movies.

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