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Thursday, January 20, 2011

DSquared2's Brokeback Mormons Fall 2011

You have to love the collection name.  Whether or not it was the best visual or pigeon-holed the collection itself is another story.  The clothes themselves had a sophisticated, lean silhouette.  There was some waistcoat styling with a rugged edge.  The dark palette of black, indigo and charcoal evoked a smoky mountaintop.  The jackets, shirts and slim scruffy jeans were very wearable.  They didn't necessarily scream cowboy or the 'Mormon' theme.  The only pieces I didn't get, and predict won't work well were the 'apron' accessory/vests.

Chloe Sevigny just launched her collection for Opening Ceremony.  Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 collection was also full of conservative prairie looks.  Now HBO's "Big Love" has inspired fashion for men as well... Who knew these Latter Day Saint types were so chic?

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni

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