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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FAB Exclusive: Elle Fanning on Fashion, Vintage and Shopping

The star of Sofia Coppola's new film "Somewhere", Elle Fanning was stunning in a Rodarte Dress.  She graced the red carpet like a pro.  The dress was crafted from embossed suede panels over gold brocade.  She wore towering sculpted gold heels on her feet.  On her wrist were delicate bracelets given to her from her co-stars.
The actress plays the complex daughter of playboy Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) in a moving, emotional film.  Ms. Fanning gave the Ms. FAB Mariana Leung the rundown on vintage clothes shopping and getting big sis Dakota's fashion approval.

MsFAB: Do you have a favorite designer now? 

Elle Fanning: Rodarte is just amazing right now.  They made this [dress] for me which is incredible.  I love them so much. I also love vintage. I lot of things I wear don’t have a specific designer. I go to the vintage stores and shop around.  I like the 1950’s. 

MsFAB: Are there certain types of pieces you like?

Elle Fanning: The real clothes, like dresses with organza fabric.  I like mixing boots with it.  I have also gotten into the 70’s as well so like everything is high-waisted that I am obsessed with.  Bell bottoms, 

MsFAB: Do you have a favorite red carpet outfit of all time so far?

Elle Fanning: I have so many different things, so they’re all tied right now.

MsFAB: Was there a certain outfit that Dakota really loved of yours that you might want to fight over?

Elle Fanning: Well, we have never really fought over an outfit before…yet.  She is older than me so she can wear other stuff that I can’t.  She’s loved all the outfits.  She’s not here in New York right now, so I sent her a picture of the dress and she approved, so that’s good! 

MsFAB: Do you usually get each other’s approval on outfits before an event?

Elle Fanning: Yeah sure!  She’s my big sister, so I definitely want her support!  With all the movies, she comes to visit me on set and everything.  She’s proud of me and I’m proud of her.

MsFAB: Where are you shopping for Christmas?

Elle Fanning: I’m looking for a lot of ornaments right.  I have a tradition where I give each of my family members an ornament every Christmas, so I’m on the lookout for any of those.

MsFAB: Do you have a favorite place to shop for ornaments?

Elle Fanning:  We look at all the different malls that have the trees set up.  Whenever we see those, we just say let’s go and scout around

MsFAB: Where do you shop for yourself for clothing?

Elle Fanning: There’s a place called Playclothes in L.A. which is a vintage store which recently moved farther away from my house which was sort of a bummer.  I went for a trip to find it and it’s a lot bigger now, so it can hold more 70’s and 50’s clothes now !

MsFAB: That's awesome, thank you Elle! 
Photos by Mariana L. and Ritika W.

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