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Friday, November 12, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Extravaganza

Forget Fashion Week.  Victoria's Secret has absolutely no intention of playing with the rest of the industry.  Their big presentation is for the purpose of pure spectacle and Wednesday night, they proved they do it best.

The check-in was reportedly tougher than going through U.S. Customs with a ticking suitcase.  The guest list was a who's who of multiple celebrity disciplines...Movie stars like Gerard Butler and Malin Ackerman. Chef Daniel Boulud and athlete Serena Williams made their appearance as well. The music industry contingent was represented by Maroon 5.  The fashion industry elite, like Alexander Wang and Zac Posen were the rare males in the room who were actually there to look at the clothing.

The show itself was an over-the-top glitterfest.  The runway sparkled with gold, with shiny metallic props that looked like they came from Jeff Koon's garage.  The famous 'angel wings' were bigger and better than ever.  They seemed to be inspired by tough tattoo babes and preening peacocks.  The lingerie pieces are generally not the same outfits you would find at the mall.  However toned down versions of the novelty pieced corsets, wired and cleavage-hoisting lace bras and embellished panties will be on the racks soon.  Katy Perry and Akon serenaded the crowd with fantastic performances.

Which angel was your favorite?

Photos by Josh Wong 

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