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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secrets of Guinot Longue Vie

What goes into a specialty skin care line?  What elevates a facial from your neighborhood spa to something  extraordinary?  There are so many options at different price points in the industry that I often wonder how one brand stands from the other.

The friendly folks at Guinot Institut in New York sought to answer those questions with an illuminating session at their education headquarters.  Elizabeth Murchinson was on hand to explain the benefits of their top products and demonstrate what sets their signature Hydradermie facial apart from the rest.

I asked the Guinot staff what product was their personal favorite out of the huge line of items displayed in the showroom.  Without hesitation, every staff member claimed the Longue Vie Cellulaire products as their go-to for personal skin care.  This particular collection contains 56 supplemental ingredients, herbs, etc.  I wasn't informed what those secret ingredients were of course.  However, this formula was developed during their work with burn victims at hospitals with top dermatologists.  

Ms. Murchinson demonstrated the Hydradermie facial on a fellow blogger.  Instead of uncomfortable steam, this specialized facial depended on baking soda for deep cleaning.  The facial then involved concentrated gels working with ionized rollers to help get the product into the skin.  The facial was finished off with a Tesla-like electric current for anti-bacterial purposes.  When it was used on me, I could barely feel it.  It was a lot of fun to watch on someone else though.

I can't be objective when it comes to myself, but can say the beauty blogger/guinea pig looked completely refreshed and glowing following her treatment.  

I have since tried the Longue Vie moisturizer for about a month and can honestly say I feel a noticeable difference in my skin.  It does stay moist throughout the day and I have observed a marked improvement over my last product.

Elizabeth trains spa owners on performing the specialized techniques of Guinot treatments.  She gets involved in product development and travels to France to keep up to date.  She is a long time fan and employee of the company.  I asked her what the major difference between American beauty consumers and European ones.  She explained that Americans always want the most intense, most concentrated or powerful products... Americans generally like to see instant results.

Instant gratification eh?  God bless America.

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