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Monday, November 22, 2010

One of a Kind Show and Sale: Sharon Rosenthal Jewelry

The One of a Kind Show & Sale this past weekend pulled together a fantastic collection of independent artists and designers.  The basic requirement of those who sold there was that every piece had to be handmade by the artist.  This guaranteed that if you purchased a piece of clothing, fashion or accessory, it would be a unique, crafted piece you could be proud of.  The midtown location right before the holidays didn't hurt either.

One of my first discoveries of the show was Sharon Rosenthal. Her background was as a multi-media artist.  Her work eventually transitioned into wearable sculpture/jewelry.  The highly dimensional pieces on display at the show were fashioned from semi-precious stones, antique toys, found objects of nature like snake vertabrae, nut shells from the Phillipines or weathered horn. 

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