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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lauren Bagliore's Barbarella Girls

Black, white and grey are the holy trinity of colors for the fashion crowds.That infallible formula was also on the mind of designer Lauren Bagliore for her Spring 2011 collection. The collection appropriately named,The Resurrection: From the Dark to the Light by Lauren Bagliore.

Stunning models in Barbarella-esque updos rocked hard bodies and flashed their flirty black liner winged eyes down the catwalk.
A black asymmetrical suit with Thierry Mugler like wasp waist was highlighted with a side panel of vertical thin nautical stripes adorned one model.  Another stern looking model wore a prim, fitted sleeve Victorian inspired blouse with a multiude of covered buttons and inset of leather down the center.  This was topped over shiny patent leather like dhoti pants. The dreaded dhoti pant seemed to crop up in a few designers collections we saw in Canada. 

Thankfully that trend along with harem pants died a quick death in U.S last year.

An intricately constructed black bolero style jacket was topped over a while maillot suit and paired over mid calf high heel boots. It was a sweet and hard look at the same time.

Cowl neck halter dresses in thigh grazing lengths were counterbalanced by a covered up hooded top that the model transformed into a loose turtle neck.  There were flattering options with asymmetrical lengths in skirts and dresses which were draped and pegged, adding drama and interest to basic colors. 

My favorite dress was worn by an elegant blonde model.  It was twisted and asymmetrically hemmed to the waist and paired over killer platform pumps. When she turned around, the back was even more dramatic with undulating folds forming from the fitted back bodice and a short hem. The dress had a lot going on but, somehow, it worked.

Lauren added a couple of pale taupe print dresses at the end of the presentation which added softness to the collection and options for her customers.

The designer ended the presentation and came in one of her dresses looking entirely lovely and elegant even next to her towering blond model.

There was something very Manhattan about the collection. Of course, we discovered later that this talented designer was once a New Yorker and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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