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Friday, September 17, 2010

NY FASHION WEEK: Tse Cashmere with Jason Wu Spring 2011

Luxury cashmere. That's what the Tse brand was always known for.  They owned the sophisticated cashmere knit customer, but were never the go-to collection for high-fashion.  

They have attempted to change that by hiring hot designer Jason Wu for a specialized collection.  His collaboration brought in a flattering brush-stroke print and a graphic delicate crochet pattern to the mix for Spring.  My favorite piece was the tubes of chiffon knit into a chunky sweater.  Does this make Tse a major fashion player?  I'm not sure.  I never bought Tse because it was the trendiest item.  I bought Tse for it's high quality fine cashmere pieces that would be timeless.

The regular Tse collection was as expected.  Neutrals with some bolder blues.  Elegant, updated classics.  What I did not expect to see was the domination of woven pieces.  I always thought of Tse as a knitwear brand.  As someone who would prefer to live in lightweight sweaters year-round, it was a little disappointing.

Accessories included chunky silver cuffs.  A statement necklace in silver.  Shoes were wide-strapped high heeled sandals.

Mingling: Jason Wu was on hand to describe his vision.
photographs by Mariana Leung

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