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Monday, September 13, 2010

NY FASHION WEEK: Ports 1961 Spring 2011

Jetsetter for wanderer? Fiona Cibani showed first collection for Ports 1961 after taking over for her sister on Friday.  The inspiration for this collection was pulled from the landscapes of North Africa, as imagined by Isabelle Eberhardt in the 19th century.

How did this translate into clothing? There were soft layered pieces, asymmetrical shoulders to emulate sand dunes.  Taupe, tan, some iridescent to project a mirage in the desert. There were pieces embroidered with Swarovski crystals to reference the minerals and jewels of the continent.  The brighter colors of the collection's palette did this as well.  There were a few abstract prints using a modern interpretation of camouflage.  The label also developed bias yarn that 'torqued', giving a unique twisted look to the shrugs and tops.

My favorite look arrived at the end.  It was the color of sand and involved layers and layers of close-trimmed chiffon with raw edges.  It gave the look of feathered texture, or dune in the wind.  Then it was topped by crystal applique, as if jewels were thrown on top.  (See the slideshow below)

Spotted in the front row: Olivia Palermo, Eric McCormack
Photos by Ritika W.

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