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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NY FASHION WEEK: Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

She's the designer many little girls want to grow up to be (I'm wayyy past little girl and I still want to grow up to be Betsey).  Her brand of fun, party, dress-up clothes are for the Barbie-doll in all of us.  
Fun and fabulous floral prints decked the summer looks.  Pairs of ironic sailor outfits, skater girls and dramatically poufed tulle skirts bounced down the runway.

Accessories included everything from captain's hats, headbands, skateboards and sunglasses.  The show was really a show.  There were rows of girls dancing, then a taxi-themed parade at the end of flag-waving models.

At 68, Ms. Johnson is as energetic as ever.  She rode a bicycle down the runway for the finale and did not disappoint with her signature cartwheels.  The difference between now and the shows I watched growing up, she hugged her daughter and granddaughter during the finale too. 

Spotted in the front row: Fergie

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