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Monday, September 27, 2010

Diana Eng's Maker Faire Fashion Show

Hackers, Geeks, Mad Scientists....Not your usual front-row guests at a highly-anticipated fashion show.  The Maker Faire festival held at the New York Hall of Science was home to massive gathering of inventors this weekend.  Robots of all kinds mingled with jet-propelled rides.  
Diana Eng, originally of Project Runway fame is now a superstar among the hacker and tech community.  Last fashion season, she presented a small collection of fairy-tale inspired fashion works at Eyebeam Studios.  For this presentation, she brought a few of the favorites as well as works inspired by underwater creatures.  

Her signature hacker fashion is a cross between science-experiment and runway couture. A light-framed layered organza collar was embellished with an over-sized cameo (that doubled as battery pack). What starts as a stylish bubble skirt inflates to a balloon-like sculpture. Statement necklace takes on a whole new meaning when the jewels light up and glow.  

Diana Eng is the author of Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech.  I purchased the book right after seeing her last show.  It has a bunch of projects accessible to the average person for making wearable tech accessories.  The techniques are applicable for any designer looking to make their Geek flag really fly.

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