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Monday, September 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Celebrity Photographer Dimitrios Kambouris

New York City native Dimitrios Kambouris is the go-to photographer hired by top PR agencies and publications to cover premieres and fashion events. One of his career highlights include having his photo of Madonna gracing New York Magazine’s most notable covers of the 2009.

After a hectic stint at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, Ms. Fabulous, Mariana Leung asked the photographer about his craft:

MsFABulous: What did your photography training consist of?
DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS: Worked in a camera store/one-hour photo lab while a student at Bryant High School in Astoria, Queens.

MsFAB: What led you into fashion and celebrity photography?
DK: Got hands advice from professional photographers, such as Dan Lecca, when they dropped off film.

MsFAB: What photo of yours are you most proud of?
DK: Lady Gaga and Madonna backstage after the Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring fashion show. It was the first time they were ever photographed together.

MsFAB: Who is your favorite photography subject?
DK: Celebrity, Fashion, Music/Concert

MsFAB: What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who aspires to be a fashion/celebrity photographer? -
DK: Be hands on. Take the photos yourself. You can’t read a book or have someone tell you what to do. Digital is so easy, like a Polaroid, so you can make corrections. Play with shutter speeds and apertures. Learn from your mistakes. Actually, there are no mistakes… everything just looks different.

MsFAB: Thanks Dimitrios!
Celebrity photo by Dimitrious Kambouris from WireImage, Bio photo courtesy of Lippin Group

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