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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tinsley Mortimer's Socialite Style - Samantha Thavasa Handbags Fall 2010

Late July, Tinsley Mortimer hosted a cocktail party to preview the Fall 2010 launch of her handbag collection for Samantha Thavasa. The reigning socialite queen has been collaborating with the Japanese label for several seasons now and the relationship seems to be going strong.

This fall, the collection took two distinct directions at the Madison Avenue boutique. There was a classic-themed collection of quilted leather with chain detail. This one looked like it was aimed towards the conservative society contingent.

The second direction was a lot more interesting. It was a rock n’ roll inspired group that incorporated tie-dyed fabrics and lacy laser-cut patterns. It took variations of corset-lacing details and applied them in several unusual ways. The corset styling was and ode to Madonna. The handbag silhouettes themselves were named after some of the best hair metal bands of the 1980’s. You know you want to carry a purse named “Poison”, “Def Leopard” and “Whitesnake”.
Photos courtesy of Samantha Thavasa and FWD

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